Come Lord Jesus!

by John Connelly

God has given us the perfect prayer
for the difficult times we are facing in our world.

It is the last prayer in Bible.
It is some of the final words written by divine inspiration
in the Holy Scriptures.

I call this prayer: The Prayer that can change everything.

You probably have prayed this prayer before but I would like to explore with you its deep prophetic significance for our time.
This prayer contains profound significance for every person living
on earth today.

The prayer is…Come Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20)

Think about it. This is the last prayer recorded in the Bible.
God is speaking to us all through this prayer.

Why is this prayer so significant?

– Because it is a summary of the entire message of scripture.
– It is the fulfillment of all we hope for, long for, and pray for.
– It is a powerful weapon to defeat the evil in our world today.
– It is the destiny of this prayer be the heart-cry
of every Christian in our world today.

No one but Jesus can solve the growing crisis in our world.
We need his Divine Kingdom of Love and Mercy to rule over us all.
This alone is the true answer to all the difficulties we face.
When we call on Jesus with humility, faith and love…HE COMES.

Come Lord Jesus!
Come Reign in our lives, our families, and our world.
Come Lord Jesus!
We long for Your Truth to set the nations free.
Come Lord Jesus!
Destroy the walls between us.
Come Lord Jesus!
Renew the Church with Your New Heart and Spirit of Burning Love.
Come Lord Jesus!
Send us the Fire that will burn away all our compromising and complacency.
Come Lord Jesus!
We need you NOW. We need you TODAY.

This world is spinning on an unholy ‘merry go round’ of propaganda and lies.
Christians continue to be divided.
Families are seduced daily by the Modern Babylon that surrounds us.
Many are caught in a never-ending web of deception.
The fog of spiritual darkness seems to infect the very air we breathe.

But the truth of St Peter’s words at the birth of the Church remain true…

“In the last days God declares,
 I will pour out my Spirit on all people…
 And it shall come to pass that all who call upon
 the Name of the Lord shall be saved.”   (See Acts 2:17-21)

This is a promise we need to hold onto today.
God wants to pour out his life-giving Spirit on all people.
He promises that every person who calls on the name of Jesus
shall be saved.
(The word saved in the original Greek it was written means…
Rescued. Healed. Delivered. Set Free.)

Everyone needs to experience the saving power of Jesus.
This is not only a one time experience but a daily calling in our lives.

In the Catholic Catechism it underscores the power of calling prayerfully
on the Holy Name of Jesus. It says…
– The name Jesus contains all…
– His name is the only one that contains the presence it signifies.
– Whoever invokes the Name of Jesus is welcoming the Son of God.
-The invocation of the Holy Name of Jesus is the simplest way of praying always.
(See Catholic Catechism # 2666-2669)

No matter your background, denomination or your spiritual state at this moment.
It cannot be overstated. The Name of Jesus is a simple, effective, prayer that
allows the living presence of Jesus to work in our lives right now. It is a simple way
to welcome the Spirit of Jesus and his Divine work in our lives.

The early Christians prayed “Come Lord Jesus” over and over because they knew…
Jesus alone has the power to transform our lives and our world.
Many of the early Christians were martyred and gave their lives for the cause of the
Gospel. They left this world with Jesus on their lips and in their hearts.
They knew that the Kingdom of Jesus would never fade away.

Death is nothing to be feared for those who believe and call on Jesus.
Jesus is the Ever-Present One who is here this moment with every breath
we take. No matter where we are or what we face. He is with us.

The scriptures proclaim…
“The Spirit and the Bride say Come!
Let all who hear say Come!”  (Rev 22:17)

The word ‘come’  literally means to ‘approach‘ and ‘meet’.
We are all called to approach and meet Jesus daily and have
an encounter with his living presence in our lives.

The Spirit of Jesus calls to every person right now…Come!
Each and every moment we can meet Jesus in prayer and receive the Living Water
of true life and love. ( See John 7:37)

The Church is the Bride of Christ. A beautiful bride who should await her
Bridegroom with passionate love. A bride who calls out to her bridegroom
and says “Come!”
God calls us his Bride because he loves us passionately.
God calls us his Bride because the essence of our call is to experience intimate

We are created to be one with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit forever.
We are the Beloved of the living God.
We are destined to a spiritual marriage where we will enjoy
the presence of God for eternity.

The prayer “Come Lord Jesus!” is the prayer of the Bride of Christ.
It is the prayer that embraces the Lord with love here and now.
It is a prayer that should grow in us all until Jesus alone  reigns in our
A prayer that should drive from us all the ‘idols’ which
fight for our time, talents, and treasure.
A prayer that prepares us for his second coming and the final judgment which awaits us all.
A prayer that reminds us what really matters in this short life.
Then we will be able to say with all the
“Jesus is my all in all.” (Mother Teresa)

I think we all know something profound is happening in our world.
The time we are living is not meant to be business as usual.
The days of putting our head in the sand must end.
God is preparing his Bride for his eternal purpose.
The Church must be re-united and renewed.
Divisions between us must end. We are facing an epic battle and we must face it with One Heart. The Heart of Jesus in all Christians.

When we cry “Come Lord Jesus” we are affirming our desire
to be one with Jesus in every situation. We are surrendering
our lives with Jesus to the will of Our Father.  We are choosing
the New Heart and Spirit of Jesus in us.

The renewal of Christianity is not something we can do for ourselves.
We need the Presence and Love of Jesus to come reign in us.
We need purification.
We need Jesus to come and exercise
his Kingship over us in a sovereign way.
We need FIRE.
This is God’s Revolution.
It is not just another program, plan or nice idea.
A revolution that will shake the Church and the face of the earth.
A renewed Christianity will take up the battle cry with total abandonment:
“Come Lord Jesus!”
Do you hear the call blowing on the wind of the Spirit?
The Spirit and the Bride are beginning to cry…
“Come Lord Jesus.”
This cry of the heart is destined to grow and grow until Jesus returns
and sets all thing right.

This is the hour of the Bride of Christ is awakening. We must become all that Our Father created us to be.
There is no other answer. There is only one true King and one Kingdom with the power to transform our badly broken world.

So let us prepare. Here is a simple practice we can do each day…

– Focus on the New Heart of Jesus living in you.
– Let the Spirit of Limitless Love for God and all people fill you now with every breath.
– Cry with your entire life for Jesus and His Reign.
Pray with faith, hope, and love again and again…
“Come Lord Jesus!”
– Remember despite whatever feelings and thoughts arise
Jesus says…“I am with you always.” (Matthew 28:20)

This prayer is indeed the prayer that
can change everything. The reign of Jesus
among us is the heart of all true prayer.
Think about it. Contemplate it.
You will see its power in your own experience.
This divinely inspired prayer will grow in you.
Pass it on…Come Lord Jesus!

The Spirit and the Bride say Come!
Let all who hear say Come! (Rev 22:17)   

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5 Responses to Come Lord Jesus!

  1. anne says:

    BRILLIANT! COme Lord Jesus. Come fill ALL HEARTS with OUR LOVE. EXCHANGE our hearts for YOUR HEART of Love and Mercy. Come Lord Jesus.

  2. anne says:

    sorry, i meant YOUR LOVE in the above.

  3. Maureen Sullivan says:

    Truly prophetic John———-Thanks and God bless

  4. Maria McManus says:

    Thank You Lord for giving John all this to proclaim to those who attending the Our Lady of Pentecost Summer Institute in Kelowna, B.C., and to the whole world! Marana Tha – Come Lord Jesus! May this become my ‘Jesus’ prayer, may it become the Church’s ‘Jesus’ pray, may our prayer transform our hearts and transform our world!
    Maria McManus

  5. ray says:

    At a time in my life when I truly need you lord I believe is now come lord jesus come , not only for me my lord but for all that feel lost amen

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