Why In The World?

by John Connelly

Why in the world is everything so messed up?

Why are there wars, violence and divisions between people?
Why do billions love the dark propaganda
being spread by many in the mainstream media and Hollywood?
Why is our society addicted to food that is genetically modified,
filled with toxic chemicals, and generally unhealthy?
Why are so many people dying of cancer?
Why do we tolerate it when some politicians tell lies consistently?
Why do we allow the destruction of our air, land, and water?
Why do banks keep growing richer while entire nations
are threatened by unfathomable mountains of debt?
Why do governments talk about justice for the poor when the numbers
of poor and hungry people keep growing?
Why is humanity so divided?
Why are so many people unhappy?

‘Why?’ is an important word.
‘Why?’ is a serious inquiry as to how things became the way they are.
‘Why?’ is asking for real and substantial answers.
Today we really do need to ask ‘WHY’ much of our world
seems to be falling apart.

We are facing a profound crisis in human history.
It is a spiritual crisis manifested in our economy, political
system, families and Churches.
The signs are everywhere for those who have eyes to see.
It seems that only by asking ‘WHY’ can we effectively understand
how to respond.

There is more here than meets the naked eye.
Something is going on behind the veil of our daily existence.
The Spiritual Realm is very, very, active.

Human beings are being manipulated.
Many are like sheep being led to the slaughter.
Humanity is being set up.
Billions are being enslaved.
A Great Drama is unfolding right before our eyes.
And you and I are here now on the Stage of Life.
What is the real part we are destined to play?

Something is stirring within us.
Deep inside we know there is more to our lives
than just making a living.
We know something is profoundly wrong.
But it is so easy to just turn on the TV.
It is so easy to vegetate before a computer screen.
It is so easy to ignore the gnawing sense within us that
our world is not changing for the better.

The answer lies rooted in the fact that
there is a Dark Force in this world that is continually
working behind the scenes of human history.
I mean Personal Evil.  Evil that personally means to
cause grave harm to you, me, and every person on the planet.

I am sure that many of you reading this believe the Devil exists.
Lucifer. The Evil One. Satan.
But do we really see how Evil works in our lives and our world?
We ignore evil at our own risk.
You’ve probably heard this often used quote…
“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men
to do nothing.”

Evil works through IDEAS.
Ideas that come into our minds and spread like a virus.
Ideas that infect our choices and behavior.
Ideas that eat away our freedoms and turn us into foolish puppets working for a Dark Agenda.

All wars begin as ideas.
Atheism is an idea.
Abortion began as an idea.
Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism are
all ideas.

The Mass media specializes in spreading ideas.
Ideas about love and relationships.
Ideas about the purpose of humanity.
Ideas that promote materialism, fear, and
moral corruption.

Look around you as you go through your day.
You are being bombarded by ideas.
Our world is literally flooded with ideas.

Every single idea has A SOURCE.
Ideas are planted into the human mind and heart.
Then they can become the beliefs and behaviors that
ultimately guide our destiny.

An idea is a seed. A seed that will grow in us if it is nurtured.
And there are deadly seeds, and life-giving seeds,
being planted and nurtured
all over the world.

Ideas can come from God.
Ideas can come from the Evil One.

Hitler’s ideas came from the Evil One. They were ‘whispered’
into his mind and they spread like a cancer throughout
the fabric of his life. Then he spread these cancerous ideas
to others and unleashed hell on earth.
A world war with millions killed.
His legacy was…
War,Concentration camps,
Eugenics, Propaganda and Lies.
And the same kinds of lies that seduced Hitler continue to seduce
many of the elite leaders in our time.
Then they spread these ideas through the mass media.
Even now ideas with incredible destructive power
are seducing billions of people.

We live in a broken world that is being overrun by
ideas that are inspired by a Cunning Adversary.
People are both knowingly and unknowingly cooperating
in a master plan to turn the world away from God and away
from authentic love.
The Devil and his minions are master manipulators.
Make no mistake. The corruption in our
world is by design. Sin is a spiritual cancer
poisoning humanity.

Jesus called the Devil…
A thief. A liar. A murderer.

He is not merely a myth or a personification of man’s
sinful impulses. He is real.  A fallen angel. A dark
lord who commands his legions with one objective:
To destroy humanity.

This Dark Spiritual Being
steals our freedom, poisoning us with lies, and
tries to murder all that is good in the human race.

St Peter called the Devil…
“A roaring lion seeking someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

He is ruthless. And every terrible thing happening in our
world begins with a seductive idea. An idea that enters
a person, spreads, and then causes behavior that  brings
harm to humanity. The devils agenda is ultimately to
murder the most valuable thing we possess.
Our immortal soul.
The devil destroys humanity while trying to convince
us he does not exist.

What we are witnessing in this world is a profound, epic, spiritual battle.  In the words of scripture…

“We fight not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world
and against the forces of evil in the spiritual realm.” (Ephesians 6:12)

We need to really observe how these words are lived in our daily experience. The Bible is telling us that we are fighting against…
“forces of evil in the spiritual realm.”

These words describe the hidden spiritual battle that is waged in the heart and mind of every man, women, and child.
We are all fighting continually against subtle thoughts that are
being sowed into our lives. We call them temptations. Temptations
to resent others, seek money over God’s will, to waste our
time, treasure and talents on anything less than loving God and
giving glory to him.

So WHY did I write this blog?

Because the battle is intensifying.
Because you and I need to examine the ideas that
are governing our lives.
We need to see the lies that are multiplying in our world and
seducing billions of people.

We need to see clearly that JESUS has the ONLY IDEAS
truly worth living and dying for.
His IDEA is that the truth shall set us free.
His IDEA is that life, liberty, and compassion will prevail.
His IDEA is to overthrow the Tyranny of Evil
with the Power of Authentic Love and Mercy.

We need to look closely at our lives and reject the seductive
ideas that are leading humanity into the darkness.
Many great saints called this process… ‘Watchfulness’.
The practice is simple but challenging…

We learn to watch the thoughts coming into our minds.
We observe closely how the Enemies of our Soul produce
ideas, images, feelings and fantasies to tempt us.
It is a continual battle, as I am sure you have noticed.
So we  pray. We peacefully call on Jesus in our hearts
with every breath we take. We trust Him to win the battle
in us.

We Watch and Pray. Over and over. When we fail – we begin again.
This is Watchfulness.

The orthodox saint Hesychius of Jerusalem says it like this…

“A heavenly state will be born in our mind if we do not neglect
ceaseless prayer and continual watchfulness…we should always
be calling upon Jesus Christ our Lord; with a burning heart…”

If we practice watchfulness in prayer then we will say to the Lord
with St Augustine…

“I have tasted You, now I hunger and thirst for more.”

Let us all taste the goodness of the Lord.
Let us allow the mind and heart
of Jesus to influence deeply
the way we think, speak, and act.
We all need to read and pray scripture daily.
Renew our minds. Think God’s thoughts. (Romans 12:2)
Plant the seeds of truth and spread
God’s Ideas far and wide.
You and I are called to take continual refuge
in the Heart and Spirit of Jesus today.

We are, in short, called to Watch and Pray without ceasing.


Because this is Our Time.
This moment in history is Our Destiny.
God’s Revolution is spreading and you and I
are called to participate fully.
The battle is at hand.

Come Lord Jesus.
With every breath!

If this message has inspired you-Pass the Word.
We must use whatever means we have to wake the Church and humanity from slumber. Pray for me and I for you.

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3 Responses to Why In The World?

  1. anne says:

    another strong and truthful article, or should i say a cry from the heart! 3 lines really jumped out at me……….Human beings are being manipulated, Many are like sheep being led to the slaughter, mankind is being set up. ………….. Those words are so accurate. Thank you John, again!
    Come Holy Spirit Come and enlighten all minds. Renew the face of the earth. Dear Jesus please rescue humanity from the lies and deceptions.

  2. Maureen Stankievech says:

    Thanks John ,so true, just got back from Phoenix and spending time with Deacon Joe Lessard, we spend the week on JPII’s Mission of The Redeemer , we are all being called ! Open our ears,eyes and hearts Lord . Blessings to you and your family .

  3. John. Once again as is necessary each and every day, a reminder, a tweaking of the soul and spirit. Vigilance, prayer, fasting,works of mercy, spreading His Word, witnessing, kindness, speech, Holy mass, what we wear, how we wear it, body attitude, what we watch, what we read. how we toil, at what we toil….. thank you once again. Jesus can even (well, of course) cleanse our unconcious mind! Pray for it. Lynn

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