Hitting the Target

by John Connelly

Our life is meant to be like an arrow.
An arrow aimed straight at the Eternal Target.
A arrow flying toward the Heart of God.
An arrow with one mission and one call:
to hit the target and live forever in the loving
Presence of God.

There is a tendency in all of us to miss the real point of life.  The word sin in the Bible is a Greek archery term that means to “miss the mark”.

St. Paul describes well our common heritage…
“We have all sinned and fall short of the
glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)
All to often we fail. All too often we stumble.
All to often we fall short of loving God and others without limits. The “arrow” of our life hits the wrong target.

The result of our sin is always the same.  It is
quite predictable. Sin leads to pain.
It leads to a deep sense that something is missing. It leads us to a profound inability to experience unselfish love and pass it on to others. The consequences of hitting the wrong target are everywhere:

-People wandering in delusion.

-A generation increasingly brainwashed by the
‘false enlightenment’ of the mass media.

-People fighting, dividing, and looking out for

-Corporate and political corruption flooding every corner of our world.

You know the score. We are not hitting the target on planet earth today. We are wandering. We are sheep who have gone astray.

Even many in the Church
have strayed in the cultural wilderness that surrounds us.

The disease of sin spreads. It is a spiritual cancer
killing the souls of people all around us.  We do not
have look very far do we?  The darkness stalks
humanity at every intersection of life.

This is why the question Jesus asks is deeply relevant
to us all…
“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole
world and loses his soul.”

The ultimate loss is to lose our soul. Our real
life. Our humanity. Our Eternal Destiny with God.

Look around. Look within. It is happening
everywhere.  The loss of peoples souls.
No amount of pleasure. No amount of money
and power is worth this ultimate loss.  There
are no excuses in the end.
Heaven is not a myth. And heaven is for
those who choose to live for God on earth today.

We need Jesus now. You, me, and every person
on this shaking planet.  We need the True King to rule over us in love. We need to humble ourselves and shoot the arrow of our life right at The Target : GOD.

So let us look at our life.  Let us examine
where we are in our relationship with Jesus.
Did I live my life with Jesus today?
Did I unite my thoughts, words, and actions with Him?

Am I aimed at the Great Target of my Existence?
Am I living a repentant lifestyle?
Repentance is a daily examination of our lives in the light
of truth. It is an essential daily practice.
It is re-aiming our lives toward our real destiny and calling.
God calls us to be honest and open with him at all times.
Let us re-point the arrow of our heart at the Living Target
that stands before us now and always.

Jesus is the goal for all of us. To be his disciple today is a revolutionary act. It is a radical decision to stand out from the herd. To walk a different path. To reject the lies of this culture of death and walk in communion with God.
“Costly grace is the treasure hidden in the field;
for the sake of it a man will gladly go and sell all that he has…
It is the kingly rule of Christ…at which the disciple leaves
his nets and follows him.
Costly grace is the gospel which must be sought
again and again, the gift which must be asked for,
the door at which a man must knock
.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer, martyr

The illusion is that we are independent and self-sustaining.
The illusion is that God is ‘out there’.
He is in fact present here and now.

The truth is that Jesus is among us.
He is with us in the experience of this moment.
All we need to do is peacefully turn to Him.
All we need to do is offer every breath as a prayer.
All we need to do is let Jesus love us here and
now and love him in return.

A simple prayer I often pray is…
“Jesus live this moment in me.”
Jesus is with us in all our trials, joys, sorrows and blessings. I know this sounds simple. But the simple things are not always easy. Especially when the world, our old fallen nature, and the devil tempt us to seek our own independent illusions.

This is a serious hour in human history.
We must all choose Jesus daily.
There is no other option.
The world is stumbling toward disaster.
Ignoring God now is the most foolish path imaginable.

So here we are. Right now. And the real target
is before us:  The Heart of Jesus Christ.
Let us take aim.
Let us be an arrow flying toward
our ultimate destiny- cutting through the lies of
modern culture.
Let us use all our time, talents, and treasures to
point everyone to God.
Let us pray that our families, friends, and all the world will
“Hit the Target.

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