About John

John Connelly is a lay evangelist and inspirational speaker who has worked extensively with Catholics and other Christians from many different backgrounds. He enjoys building bridges with people from all walks of life. His experience includes…

– Conference keynote addresses.
-Seminars , retreats and parish missions.
-Leadership training and spiritual formation of young people and adults.

-Songwriting and music production.

-Radio,television, and multi- media communications.

-He is also a columnist for the Western Catholic Reporter

His wife Tracy and his 7 children share in his life and ministry and participate in the vision for the God’s Revolution Today media and outreaches. His mission is summed up in the following quote…

“I believe God is calling for a spiritual revolution in our lives, families, churches and world. A revolution rooted in surrender to Jesus and his Heart of Love in us. All of us are called…all of us are chosen. My goal is to express plainly and simply the liberating truths that set people free to live their God-given sacred mission in life.”

“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and bring home those who have lost their way.” St Francis of Assisi

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