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Jesus Live In Us Today!

Jesus Live In Us Today! by John Connelly We live in a world that is broken and bleeding. A battle is taking place that effects us all. An ancient warfare is raging all around us. People are being lied to … Continue reading

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The Secret of Prayer (Part One)

by John Connelly Today I am praying in my room. It is a gift. A gift more valuable than all the treasures this world has to offer. Prayer has led me to the Kingdom of God. A kingdom infinitely vast … Continue reading

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Cover The Earth In Prayer!

Cover the Earth in Prayer! by John Connelly The Church and the world are facing a serious crisis. It is a crisis of faith. A crisis of morality. A crisis that is now affecting every facet of life on planet … Continue reading

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Hitting the Target

by John Connelly Our life is meant to be like an arrow. An arrow aimed straight at the Eternal Target. A arrow flying toward the Heart of God. An arrow with one mission and one call: to hit the target … Continue reading

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Reading the Cross

Reading the Cross by John Connelly Imagine the Cross of Jesus before you now. Imagine you are standing there looking at Jesus crucified. The Lord of heaven and earth dieing the death of a criminal. Bleeding. Bruised. Broken. Suffering pain … Continue reading

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He Will Come Again

He Will Come Again by John Connelly Imagine if Jesus were coming back in one week. Imagine if we knew it with total certainty. What if we knew that He was coming in all his glory to judge the living … Continue reading

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Why In The World?

by John Connelly Why in the world is everything so messed up? Why are there wars, violence and divisions between people? Why do billions love the dark propaganda being spread by many in the mainstream media and Hollywood? Why is … Continue reading

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The Practice of Letting Go

by John Connelly A number of years ago, a simple saying became popular all over the world: “Let Go and Let God.” There is, in these few words, a great spiritual blessing for all who take the time to truly … Continue reading

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Mercy Without Limits

by John Connelly Imagine your name is Humanity. You are standing at the edge of a great cliff. Before you is a vast, limitless ocean called…MERCY. You look behind you and all you see is chaos. A civilization that is … Continue reading

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by John Connelly It is an interesting thing to be a writer in these times we are living. Often when praying a very clear message comes to mind and it soon becomes a blog posting. Today the word was… PREPARE. … Continue reading

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